Website Accessibility Statement

Pursuant to the Malta Communications Authority Act (MCAA), this statement is intended for this website and its sub-pages. Identity Malta Agency has taken due care to present content on this site in a manner that is perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust.

This website has been evaluated according to the guidelines and have found some of the following issues. There are some images for the website that do not yet have a text alternative description for screen readers. The video on the home page has some captions which are not at a high contrast with the background. Language selection for the site does not have labels for screen readers to tell the user the choices they have made. Some images on the pages may have low contrast as to affect the perception of those images. Some form fields may trigger multiple actions upon pressing the return key and submit a form before the user is ready. In some cases, the keyboard focus may not be indicated visually. There also are some section titles that do not use header HTML tags, which may affect how a screen reader goes through the website.

Accessible alternatives for these website elements include zoom, magnifier or text size increases and are available through your browser and operating system.

To enquire about the accessibility compliance of this website, report a failure of accessibility, or to send us feedback on the accessibility features provided, please use Identity Malta Agency Customer Care. Customer Care can also be used to request information about what was excluded pursuant to MCAA Regulation 3(3) and 5.

They can be reached via email at

To bring forth formal concerns about measures taken by Identity Malta Agency to remedy website accessibility matters, please contact the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) using their online forms.

Link to form in English

Link to form in Maltese