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Application for Free Status Certificate

In this page please enter details that are required by the department for the issuance of a Free Status Certificate. If available, please supply the ID Card number.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Details of Person on Free Status Certificate

Is your birth registered at the Public Registry of Malta or Gozo?
Upload a scanned copy of your birth certificate:

NOTE: You can upload a copy of your Birth Certificate in one of the following formats: PDF, JPG, JPEG or GIF.
Since when have you been living in Malta (year)?

ID Card No.:
Locality of Birth:
Overseas locality of Birth:
Date of birth:
Enter date of birth by clicking on the calendar image and choosing the respective day, month and year. (Select an approximate date if unknown.)
Permanent Address:

If you have been married, or have been part of a civil union, is your marriage/civil union registered in Malta? Details of the last marriage/civil union are required.
Date of Marriage / Civil Union: (dd/mm/yyyy)  
Current Status:   Date of Annulment / Divorce / Widowed (dd/mm/yyyy) *

Parents' Details

Previous Surname:
(if applicable)
Previous Surname:
(if applicable)

Birth Certificate

NOTE: In the majority of cases you will need to present a Birth Certificate together with your Free Status Certificate. If you already have an original copy of your Birth Certificate, you can opt to remove it from your order by selecting 'No' below.

If you select 'No', you would need to authenticate the Birth Certificate in your possession at the Ministry of Foregin Affairs yourself.
Do you need to order a Birth Certificate to present it with your Free Status Certificate?  
Certificate Format:

Letter/Form of No Issuance of a Null’Osta/ No Impediment/ No Objection Certificate

The Public Registry (Malta) does not issue a Null’Osta/ No Impediment/ No Objection Certificate. Ticking this box will provide a letter highlighting the fact that the Public Registry cannot issue a Null’Osta/ No Impediment/ No Objection Certificate which can be presented with the Free Status Certificate.  
Town where the letter will be presented:
Country where the letter will be presented:

Do you need the Letter of No Issuance of Null’Osta/ No Impediment/ No Objection Certificate for a marriage?  
Name of Partner:
Surname of Partner:
Nationality of Partner:

Apostille / Legalisation

Do you need all the certificates to be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?  
If Yes, kindly indicate the Country in which the certificate is to be used.

Presentation in another EU member

This free status certificate is to be presented to a public authority in another EU member state. A multi-lingual standard form as a translation aid is required to be presented.  
Public Authority Name:   Public Authority Country:

Important Notes



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